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  • Sep10

    Grammy Museum to launch online streaming service

      published   19 days   11 hours   32 minutes   ago.

    Ready to Grammys and chill? The Grammy Museum is launching its own online streaming service featuring performances and interviews from A-list musicians, as well as material from the museum’s archive. See also Bollywood reacts to Kangana Ranaut's property under attack in ‘Pakistan occupied Mumbai’ Amitabh Bachchan on 'KBC' set with full COVID-19 precautions Pictures: Bombay High Court stays BMC demolition drive at Kangana Ranaut's property Bollywood: On filmmaker Anurag Kashyap's birthday, here are 7 movies of his to watch COLLECTION:live will debut on September 17 and the monthly subscription will cost $2.99 (the yearly price is $29.99). About 40 programs will be available at the launch, including performances and interviews — some old, some new — from Billie Eillish and her producer-brother FINNEAS, Barbra Streisand, Selena Gomez, Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, Alessia Cara, Burt Bacharach, Panic! at the Disco, the Avett Brothers, Ben Platt, Run the Jewels and even Quentin Tarantino. Barbra Streisand performing at the Grammys in 2011. Image Credit: AP New programming will be added weekly. On September 24, newly recorded content from BTS, Tame Impala, Rufus Wainwright, The War and Treaty and more will be available. “It’s an honour to be part of this new series and to support The GRAMMY Museum, a place that had such a huge impact on us growing up,” Eilish, who recorded a new interview for the launch of COLLECTION:live, said in a statement to The Associated Press on Thursday. Eilish won five honours at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, including album of the year for ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ — which FINNEAS produced, co-wrote and engineered. Eilish shared four wins with her brother, who won two additional awards, making him the show’s top winner. “Without the GRAMMY Museum, we wouldn’t have gotten to experience or learn about so many important artists before us,” FINNEAS said in a statement. “Their programs provide a unique access, insight and education that we consider hugely instrumental in our own careers and musical development. We are proud to be part of this series.” The Grammy Museum is a non-profit organisation through The Recording Academy, which annually produces the Grammy Awards. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the museum recorded its public programs at its Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles, but since March it has recorded digitally. “COLLECTION:live represents another phase of the Grammy Museum’s continued success with delivering music and museum-related content in a new and accessible way for our members, students, and music lovers,” Michael Sticka, president of the museum, said in a statement. “Creating a streaming option for our programming was always a part of our strategic approach, but COVID-19 brought it to the forefront. We look forward to continuing to grow this platform, even after we reopen our doors to the physical museum.”

  • Jul16

    17 new Netflix shows and movies from India to look forward to

      published   13 days   12 hours   20 minutes   ago.

  • Sep27

    Miss Universe in COVID-19: How a Filipino show is changing the scene

      published   2 days   12 hours   50 minutes   ago.

    Looking to revolutionise the way fans view beauty pageants, organisers in the Philippines are moving ahead with their search for the country’s representative to the Miss Universe competition through an online video series. Made up of eight episodes premiering on September 27, the series, called ‘Ring Light’, will follow 50 aspiring Miss Universe Philippines candidates and their journey to the crown, with each episode taking fans through different aspects of the competition, from the preliminaries to the coronation night. Viewers will get a glimpse of the rigorous training, the fascinating challenges and many behind-the-scenes activities. See also Mosaic of Hope: Portraits of people wearing COVID-19 face masks The 'Queen' of controversy: Why Bollywood loves to hate Kangana Ranaut From baby bumps to COVID-19 recoveries, this is what Bollywood celebrities such as Anushka Sharma and Disha Patani have been up to this week Ayushmann Khurrana turns 36: What to know about the progressive actor While Philippine representatives to Miss Universe were previously determined through a unified competition, the Binibining Pilipinas — which also selected the country’s candidates to other international pageants — this year will be the first time it will be organised as a Miss Universe Philippines standalone event. “I know a lot of fans are looking forward to the first ever Miss Universe Philippines,” said Miss Universe Philippines national director Shamcey Supsup-Lee. “That’s why we thought of the ‘Ring Light’ series. It’s an eight-episode series wherein it will showcase the journey of our candidates from their trainings, from their lessons and challenges.” A unique feature of the series is that it encourages viewers to support charities endorsed by each candidate. Supsup-Lee, a former beauty queen who placed third runner-up at the Miss Universe 2011 competition, tells Gulf News more about “new normal” of beauty pageants and why it still matters now. Supsup-Lee is a former beauty queen who placed third runner-up at the Miss Universe 2011 competition. Excerpts for the interview... Tell us more about ‘Ring Light’. What can the audience expect from it? Because of the pandemic, we have to continually evolve as an organisation and for the safety of everyone, we focused on having it online. I know a lot of fans are looking forward to the first ever Miss Universe Philippines, that’s why we thought of the ‘Ring Light’ series. It’s an eight-episode series wherein it will showcase the journey of our candidates from their trainings, from their lessons and challenges. The first series will air on September 27 and there will be a new episode every week, every Sunday. Eventually it will lead to the preliminary competition and then the final episode will be the live grand coronation night that will happen on October 25. The series will also raise funds for charity. Tell us about that as well. A lot of people are asking what’s the relevance of beauty pageants in this time of crisis. I think we need to bring hope to people. And through Miss Universe Philippines and our candidates, we want to be bearers of light to people. And that’s why we came up with this charity, wherein the girls will choose a beneficiary that they would like to help. And once you subscribe to the ‘Ring Light’ series, parts of the proceeds will go to a candidate’s choice of beneficiary. As a former Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2011, what does it takes to become a beauty queen? Any tips and advice? I would always say it takes a whole community to create a beauty queen. And for my experience, it was through the help of so many people through my mentors, through my family. I think what really makes a queen is not just the physical aspect. You should have a heart for it, you should have a purpose. As the organiser, what are you looking for from a candidate? I think now we continually evolve in how we look for our representative in international pageants. And I think for the Miss Universe title, we are really looking for a spokesperson, somebody who can use their voice, use their platform to bring out issues in society or push whatever advocacies they have. For the qualities, of course, there’s beauty, but everybody has their own versions of what is beautiful, what a beautiful Filipina is. So aside from that, we’re really looking for somebody who is empowered, who’s not afraid to voice out her opinions and be able to really affect a positive change in their community. With Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray winning the Miss Universe titles in 2015 and 2018, they have raised the bar to another level. Are your qualifications and standards now much higher? Miss Philippines Catriona Gray winning the Miss Universe 2018 crown. Image Credit: Reuters I think there’s a certain kind of pressure that the girls are facing because, of course, we were able to have two Miss Universe winners in just how many years. And, of course, with Pia and Catriona, they really have shown how confidence can really work for you. And a lot of girls get intimidated, but I would always tell them, you know what, you should have seen them before they became Pia and Catriona, and their journey. I believe that beauty queens are not born. They’re made. But we as an organisation, we are here to help you bring that beauty queen that’s hiding inside. What would you say to those who think that beauty pageants are only focused on physical beauty than other qualities? Yeah, I get that. That’s one of the stereotypes. I would tell the girls and our candidates that we are here to break stereotypes and to change how people see beauty queens. That’s one of the reasons also why I joined the Binibining Pilipinas. A lot of people were telling me, why join a beauty pageant? You’re already a professional, you’re a [board exam for architecture] top-notcher, or you don’t need that. But I said, why not? I mean, why should I be afraid of trying something out of my comfort zone? And I said that maybe it’s my way of changing how people perceive beauty queens, that beauty queens can also be smart. You can also have opinions. We can also excel in our profession and be beautiful at the same time. We don’t have to choose. We can be both. What do you think is the Philippines’ edge over other candidates in international beauty pageants like Miss Universe? That’s a very good question. Prior to competing in Miss Universe, they asked me, ‘what will make you win?’ And I kept on thinking and thinking and thinking, what will make me win? I might not be the tallest, the sexiest, the most beautiful in international standards, but I said — what will make me win? It’s the Filipino fans, the Filipino community. Because of their support I think I have a chance. Early this year, former beauty queen Janina San Miguel revealed the grimmer side to her experience in the pageant world, such as indecent proposals and the controlling manner of her training. Your thoughts on this? I think everybody’s experience is different. I am saddened that she had to experience this. But, personally, I did not experience any of this. And, maybe since now I’m an organiser, a national director, my aim is to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable. And, of course, there are so many things that we cannot control. So what we want to do is to train the girls, to empower them that in case they get into that situation, they are strong enough to choose the right thing and to say, ‘no’, if that’s what is in their heart. The Filipino community here in the UAE is also actively involved in various pageants as organisers, participants and supporters. What is your message to them? Allow me to thank all of you for your support. I mean, without you guys, we will not be where we are right now. When I was competing and when I was watching all our past girls compete in international pageants, I would always say that the best fans are the Filipino fans. Even me when I competed in Brazil, wherein maybe only 10 Filipinos attended because there’s not a lot of Filipinos there, I still felt the support in social media, in their votes. So to the Filipino community, to every supporter of Miss Universe and Miss Universe Philippines, we decided to create this series for you to be able to delve into the journey of our candidates and for you to be able to support them. And while you’re supporting them, you’re also able to support the people who have been greatly affected by this pandemic through their chosen beneficiary. Even though we are all facing difficult times, this is also the time that we can give hope to others. Do you have an update to this year’s Miss Universe pageant? The winner of Miss Universe Philippines will represent the country in the Miss Universe pageant. We’ve been talking with Miss Universe continuously, so there will be a Miss Universe pageant. But we will have to wait for their announcement on when will this be and where it will be held. There’s no final [word] yet. But what I am sure of is that we will still have a Miss Universe pageant. Don’t miss it! All eight episodes of ‘Ring Light’, including five learning episodes, a challenge episode, the preliminaries (swimsuit and gown competition), and the grand finale will be available to stream on www.empire.ph for a one-time fee of Dh22.

  • Aug03

    Rihanna hosts virtual house party for Fenty Skin launch

      published   26 days   10 hours   ago.

    Social distancing measures have put a damper on many global brands’ promotion plans. But singer and beauty mogul Rihanna knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. The fashion icon hosted an online global house party to celebrate the launch of her skincare brand, Fenty Skin. See also Photos: Mexican wrestlers resist pandemic with outdoor fights Natasa Stankovic, Hardik Pandya share pictures of their world Photos: Many moods of Bollywood celebrity Alaya Furniturewala How Bollywood stars are celebrating Indian festival of Rakshabandhan Partygoers joined in over the internet to “meet up” in the futuristic Fenty Skin house, where Rihanna surprised fans with live video chats. Inside the house, Fenty Skin Ambassador Sean Garrette chatted with Rihanna and introduced guests to the three new products — Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser, Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, and Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. Some of the other treats that were in store for fans included the ability to have a dance party with others virtually, ‘walk’ around the house online and discover facts about the products, and even get custom mocktail recipes. Even ‘Old Town Road’ rapper Lil’ Nas X joined in the live-streaming with Rihanna to talk about skincare and music.

  • Sep14

    Mariah Carey to LANY: 9 more albums releasing in 2020

      published   15 days   10 hours   20 minutes   ago.

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